From Business to Tech.

We speak both the language of Business and that of Tech. Our consultants work with our clients to help them define their issues, then create and/or assemble the technological building blocks that meet their needs. Their approach encompasses business strategy, user needs, and technical constraints.

Lenstra steps in at the very core of IT platforms, where organizational and technological challenges are deeply intertwined with each other.

From strategic CIO advisory to technological operational excellence, Lenstra's team has the ability to manage a project from conception to implementation. The right diagnosis, a consistent business & technological approach and an operational implementation carried out properly, these are the key elements of our methodology.

Cloud infrastructure & security

Data platforms

Software engineering


We build the technological foundations that will enable you to achieve your business objectives

Discover some of our latest case-studies.

Datahub Platform

Allianz Trade

Datahub Platform

Switching from a monolithic on-premise IT to an event-driven cloud-native microservice architecture until production is hard. Hand in hand with...

HashiCorp Vault Enterprise in regulated industry

BNP Paribas

HashiCorp Vault Enterprise in regulated industry

Integrating HashiCorp Vault in an existing and complex IT infrastructure requires strong technical skills along with the capability of adapting the...

Algorithm Management Platform

Allianz Trade

Algorithm Management Platform

The Algorithm Management Platform allows Data Scientist, Data Analysts and ML Engineers to securely design, test and deploy Machine Learning models...

We do not promote technology just for the sake of it.

We do not let ourselves get distracted by the latest trends.
We leverage solutions that will make a difference for you.

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There is more to engineering than just tackling one issue after the other.

Senior Product Owners

From conception to implementation, our product owners combine technical acumen and business sense to ensure that the technological building blocks fit together and ultimately generate long-term value for your organization.


Computer Scientists

Going deep into details while keeping the big picture in sight can prove challenging, that is what drives our computer scientists. It's not only about mastering a given tech stack, it's about making it relevant in the right situation.


We are committed to making a net contribution to your organization.

Craftsmanship is not enough: critical tech projects require a both industrial and creative approach.

Any company can become a tech company

Making technology count

Lenstra, making technology count

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